How can I attend the Citizens Academy?

The Citizens Academy application is posted on the FBI website each year, from September 1st to December 31st. Go to for the description of the academy, and for the nomination form (available only from mid-September through December 31 each year for the next year’s class).

How can I attend the Future Agents in Training Teen Academy?

The FAIT Teen Academy (FAIT) application is posted on the FBI website each year, starting in February, ending in April. Go to for the application.

How can I support the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association?

We welcome sponsors for any of our programs.  Please go to the “Sponsors” page to see how you can support us and contact us. 

Who is on the FBI Norfolk CAAA Board?

Go to the Board page to find the current Board Members.

What is the Law Enforcement Symposium?

The FBI Norfolk Citizens Academy Alumni Association hosts its Annual Law Enforcement Symposium in April each year. This award-winning program brings together more than 250 command-level professionals from federal, state and local law enforcement agencies across Hampton Roads to learn about and collaborate on law enforcement initiatives that directly impact our communities. 

FBI Norfolk CAAA is a non-profit organization separate and apart from the FBI.