Individual Giving

There are also ways you can support our organization right from the comfort of your home.  Please click on the links below to check out each of these options:

  • Facebook Birthday Fundraisers – Facebook allows you to add a fundraiser to your birthday posts, and whatever your friends donate goes directly, and in full, to the charity of your choice.
  • GiveLocal757 Each year there is one 24 hour period that is designated “GiveLocal757”. Call in or log on to donate to your favorite local charities, and we hope you include us!
  • Giving Tuesday  - The first Tuesday after Thanksgiving each year is designated Giving Tuesday, during which you are encouraged to support your favorite charities.
  • Sponsor Our Classes  – The Citizens Academy and Future Agents in Training Teen Academy costs us funds for each student, as we provide food and educational materials from our budget. You can sponsor a student to help us fund students here.
  • Amazon Smile  – Amazon will donate half a percent of everything you purchase to the charity of your choice, every day, at no additional cost to you! It’s painless!  Click on the link to find out how to set this up.


The FBI Norfolk Citizens Academy Alumni Association is a nonprofit organization separate and apart from the FBI.