How to become an FBI Norfolk Citizens Academy Alumni Association (“FBI Norfolk CAAA”) Member

FBI Norfolk Citizens Academy Alumni Association Members are graduates of the FBI Norfolk Citizens Academy who have paid their current year dues.

Each year beginning in April, the FBI Norfolk Field Office hosts an eight week program, where selected business, civic, and religious leaders at least 21 years old with no prior felony convictions come to the Norfolk Field Office to learn about the FBI and all facets of their work in our community. Classes are held once a week for 3 hours, plus one Saturday half day class at a local police training office for “Range Day” and a two-day visit to Quantico and the FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C.  Classes are taught by FBI Special Agents and senior agent experts. There is no charge to attend, but transportation and lodging for the two-day visit to Quantico and FBI HQ is the responsibility of the student.  Dinner is provided by the FBI Norfolk CAAA organization and is free of charge. Applications are available between September and December each year. To apply for the Citizens Academy, go to FBI Norfolk Community Outreach web page at for a Norfolk Citizens Academy Nomination Form.

Once you have completed the course, you will be asked to join the FBI Norfolk CAAA, which gives you the chance to continue your education on topics related to the FBI and safety in our communities, and to perform outreach to our communities to help make our neighborhoods safer.

Renew Your FBI Norfolk CAAA Membership

 Membership dues are $50 per year and membership is effective from January 1– December 31. Graduates of the Citizens Academy will join for half price in the year they graduate.

Citizens Academy graduates who wish to attend meetings and events in FBI facilities, participate in law enforcement and role-playing scenarios, and identify as a member of the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association must be current on dues.

To pay your dues, log into your member portal.  Be sure to update your profile each year when you pay your dues, or any time changes occur.

The Benefits of FBI Norfolk CAAA Membership

Each year, the FBI Norfolk CAAA signs a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the FBI Norfolk Field Office, which outlines what the FBI Norfolk CAAA will do during the year to support the FBI Outreach Efforts.  The work we do must align with the MOA.

The FBI Norfolk CAAA is a very active community of Citizens Academy Alumni Association members who:

  • Attend monthly meetings where FBI and other Law Enforcement speakers discuss timely and relevant topics
  • Attend Quarterly Monthly Member Meetings at the FBI Norfolk Field Office
  • Attend the Annual FBI Norfolk CAAA Kick Off meeting in January at a reduced cost
  • Attend training programs with partner organizations, such as the Red Cross
  • Participate in community outreach and education functions
  • Support Law Enforcement throughout the year by hosting, leading, helping with and attending the Annual Law Enforcement Symposium, plus supporting Law Enforcement events when asked
  • Support the Citizens Academy by providing dinners for students
  • Support the Future Agents in Training program by nominating a student, sponsoring a student, attending the event and/or providing breakfast and snack items for the students
  • Join committees to select and develop programs for membership and community education
  • Bring FBI-endorsed programs and FBI speakers to neighborhoods to educate the community about topics that will help keep them safer, in accordance with the organization’s MOA
  • Be eligible for the Warren-Thrush Award for outstanding work with the FBI Norfolk CAAA
  • Attend special events at a reduced price (movie nights, facility tours, etc.)
  • Participate in FBI, and other local law enforcement, Role Playing opportunities
  • Develop, assist with, lead, and/or attend fundraising events
  • Purchase FBI Norfolk CAAA branded premiums
  • Receive the FBI Norfolk CAAA Quarterly Newsletter
  • Attend National CAAA educational webinars
  • Attend the annual FBI National CAAA Leadership Conference (a three-day conference)
  • Choose to serve on the organization’s Board to help lead the organization
The FBI Norfolk Citizens Academy Alumni Association is a nonprofit organization separate and apart from the FBI.