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FBI Norfolk CAAA Strategic Plan, 2019-2021


In 2018, the Board of Directors, in collaboration with the FBI Norfolk Field Office, completed a Strategic Plan to ensure that our mission to support the community outreach efforts of the FBI continues to thrive in the years to come. Fundamentally, this plan is about strengthening connections with the community and the FBI, and building the tools to make that happen.


Our mission as official ambassadors of the FBI is to support the community outreach efforts of the FBI Norfolk division through education, events and community service programs that improve public safety.


  • To increase public awareness, understanding and goodwill for the FBI Norfolk Field Office’s mission, resources, and priorities.
  • To improve public safety through community education, programs, and resources that address the causes, risks and prevention of criminal activity.


Three areas of strategic focus will guide our work:

Community Connections. Deepening and strengthening connections with the FBI, law enforcement and communities across southeastern Virginia and Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Member Engagement. Cultivating greater member participation and volunteerism to achieve our education, outreach, and community service goals.

Organization Development. Building the infrastructure, systems, resources and capacity to support continued growth and development of our Chapter.


Community Connections

  • Strengthening relationships among law enforcement leaders, with a focus on expanding our Annual Law Enforcement Symposium for federal, state and local law enforcement professionals.
  • Providing opportunities for youth interested in law enforcement and public service careers to attend the FBI Future Agents in Training teen academy.
  • Fostering diversity and inclusion through programs that help citizens, organizations and law enforcement work together as members of a diverse society.
  • Providing volunteers and resources to support community service initiatives addressing the needs of citizens and neighborhoods, and providing support for law enforcement working the crime scenes of mass casualties.
  • Raising awareness of issues and criminal activities that threaten public safety and providing citizens with information and resources to proactively respond through programs such as:

Cyber Safety for Children and Seniors

Shining a Light on Human Trafficking

Causes and Cures for the Opioid Crisis

Active Shooter Awareness and Response Training

FBI CREST (Community Relations Executive Seminar Training) Events

  • Hosting events to support FBI recruiting priorities with a focus on women, diversity, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) expertise.

Member Engagement

  • Equipping our members with the knowledge and resources to effectively engage in and support the FBI’s community outreach mission and priorities.
  • Providing opportunities for members to volunteer and engage with the community through education and outreach programs.
  • Provide hospitality support for FBI Citizens Academy classes and programs to involve new graduates in the work of the Alumni Association.

Organization Development

  • Building capacity by developing the leadership skills, operating structure, organization capabilities and support systems to achieve our mission.
  • Developing a strong, strategic and sustainable fund development program that supports our mission and community service goals.


As the future unfolds, new needs and opportunities will no doubt emerge, and we must be prepared to embrace change while staying on course.  Board members meet with the FBI each year to address any changes in the Bureau’s priorities, given ever-evolving community needs and public safety threats, and our plan is updated accordingly.

Engaging our community, our members and our FBI partners in meaningful conversations and activities that build trusting, productive relationships is imperative to achieve our goal of creating safer communities. We believe this plan provides a thoughtful roadmap to set direction, define priorities, and focus limited resources on programs to make that happen.

Support of FBI Outreach programs

Linking community service, prevention, and law enforcement is a national trend spurred by grass roots efforts around the country, and FBI employees have joined this movement, volunteering in a wide variety of community-related efforts.  The FBI Norfolk CAAA joins them in this effort.

FBI Norfolk Field Office personnel and the FBI Norfolk CAAA will come to your community if requested to present any of the FBI outreach programs. We prefer there to be at least 20 people in attendance at any program. Please visit https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-offices/norfolk/community-outreach to see the programs that we are currently offering, or Contact Us.

The FBI Norfolk Field Office also offers Community Outreach programs (CREST).  You can choose three topics for the FBI to cover in your community, and they will give a half day program in your community.  Contact Us  to set one up in your community.


The FBI Norfolk Citizens Academy Alumni Association [FBINORCAAA] was formed in November 2006 by 14 alumni from the 2004 through 2006 Citizens Academy classes.  FBINORCAAA is chartered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in the state of Virginia. We have enjoyed steady membership growth from the FBI Citizens Academy classes conducted each year by the FBI Norfolk Field Office and have expanded our community outreach employing members’ skills. Our served area includes the seven Hampton Roads cities and extends west to Williamsburg and north on the Eastern Shore.  Initially, we met quarterly, but growth in both membership and activities led to more frequent participation anchored by monthly meetings.  Activities are coordinated each year by the FBI Norfolk Field Office Senior Agent in Charge and our Community Outreach Specialist.  We focus on community outreach goals aligned with FBI goals and appropriate to our communities.  In addition to providing support for each Citizens Academy class, activities sponsored and supported through the years have included the annual Law Enforcement Memorial bicycle ride, FBI Child ID programs, informative training on cyber bullying, avoiding internet risks, identity theft, opioid addiction awareness, human trafficking, and local gang activity.

In 2008, we initiated a Law Enforcement Symposium, a day-long opportunity for all branches of law enforcement to network and learn.  This symposium has become a well-attended event that over 200 local law enforcement leaders look forward to attending every April.

Our community outreach extends to sponsorship of Hampton Roads Diversity and Inclusion consortium, participation in the annual Mayflower Marathon food drive, and Norfolk Neighborhood Expo increasing our exposure to community leaders.

In 2018, we coordinated with the FBI Norfolk Field Office to conduct a week-long training for teens called Future Agents In Training (FAIT) Teen Academy.   In addition to the outreach objectives, we have several social gatherings each year including movie nights at Cinema Café, Tides games at Harbor Park and an annual kickoff gala in January where the goals and objectives for the coming year are previewed.

We enjoy outstanding relations with the FBI Norfolk Field Office and our outstanding performance has been awarded for the last three years with the FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Chapter of Excellence.


Chapter Awards

The FBI Norfolk CAAA has been honored with several national awards throughout its history.  Click here to see the full list of awards given by the FBI National CAAA, and the qualifications for each.

Below is a list of the awards received.

Chapter of Excellence: A Chapter of Excellence must have completed the following:

  • Directors & Officers Insurance
  • Attend 9 of 10 RCC & CHATS calls
  • Host at least 2 community events
  • Host at least 2 membership meetings
  • Host at least 2 MOU related events
  • Attend the National Leadership Conference
  • Attend the Regional Face to Face meeting at the National Leadership Conference
  • Officers host team building/strategic planning retreat 1x per year
  • President, VP, Secretary & Treasurer complete Chapter Leadership training modules
  • Submit at least 2 Speakers' Bureau forms
  • Submit at least 2 Chapter events to National newsletter or Facebook

Years received: 2018, 2019

Chapter of Distinction: A Chapter of Distinction must have completed the following:

  • Periodic financial report to membership
  • Attend 8 of 10 RCC & CHATS calls (Mar-Dec 18)
  • Host 1 community service event- Mayflower Marathon 11/17-18
  • Host 1 MOU related event-Law Enforcement Symposium 4/24
  • Host 1 membership meeting
  • President and 1 other officer complete Chapter Leadership training modules
  • Utilize at least one form of digital or social media
  • Complete Best Practices survey
  • Submit at least 1 Speaker's Bureau form
  • Submit Chapter Annual Report
  • President and 1 other officer BoardMax trained
  • Submit at least 1 Chapter event to National Newsletter or Facebook

Years received: 2017

Pacesetter Award: The Pacesetter Award, started in 2019, is awarded to chapters that have continuously improved their programs and are leaders in their regions.

Years received: 2019

FBINCAAA Gold Medal Award: The FBINCAAA Gold Medal Award is given to members who have performed above and beyond expectations on behalf of the FBI in their community.

Presented to:

  • Delta Hinson for leadership during the support of Law Enforcement during the Virginia Beach Mass Shooting Incident in May, 2019
  • Aubrey Shelton for his long-standing support of National and Norfolk CAAA by volunteering his graphic service for all events (2019)

Innovation Award: The Innovation Award is presented to one chapter each year, that has developed and delivered a highly impactful education and outreach program in their community.

Years received:

  • 2018 for the 9th Annual Law Enforcement Symposium and Luncheon, which brings together 200 local law enforcement officers and gives them education on current, locally relevant safety and security topics.


FBI National CAAA

The FBI Norfolk Citizens Academy Alumni Association is part of the FBI National CAAA, an organization that joins together more than 42,000 community and business leaders who are dedicated to making our neighborhoods safer and serving as volunteers in 60 chapters around the nation who graduated from the FBI’s Citizens Academy program.

To learn more about the FBI Norfolk Citizens Academy, go to the FBI Norfolk Community Outreach page.  To nominate yourself to attend, complete the nomination form (available only mid-September through December 31 each year for the next year’s class).

The FBI National Citizens Academy Alumni Association (FBINCAAA) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that supports local, state and federal law enforcement through community engagement, education and outreach.

The FBI National CAAA Goals are to:

  • Facilitate service projects.
  • Engage in the community by sharing knowledge for safety awareness
  • Offer educational forums aimed to connect communities together to bridge the gap between communities and law enforcement. In today’s times, our mission is essential.

To learn more, please visit the FBI National CAAA webpage.


The FBI Norfolk Citizens Academy Alumni Association is a nonprofit organization separate and apart from the FBI.